Babà Domitalia

Babà Domitalia

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Design: Orlandini & Radice.

It is a fine polyethylene sitting, worked with the most advanced technology. Babà has an exclusive and very original design, it does not fear the weather changes, scratches and abrasions, it revives gardens and terraces during the day and also at night time, in the night it dresses the light and wraps all with particular atmospheres. Babà for mammy and papa and Babà for the young scamps, these are the two versions which Domitalia offers to whom who looks for design to live daily. It is available with cable and fluorescent energy saving light bulb or with led illumination, provided with 8-hour working rechargeable battery. Equipped with remote control for regulating the intensity and colour tone, change speed, intermittence and light lowering.

Structure finishing:

Polyethylene  white

Polyethylene  translucent


67 x 67 x h 85 cm Babà

49 x 49 x h 64 cm Babà Jr

Price starting at € 154,00 € 188,00