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Cupolone Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Cupolone Cattelan Italia

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Design: STC Studio

Design informal and at the time stimulating, modern and classic, enriched by its own simplicity.

Flexible and versatile, Cupolone feels at ease in the kitchen as well as in the sitting room, in a restaurant or in the office, in modern or classic settings.

Ceiling lamp with methacrylate shade: white, black or glittering silver.

Important dimensions: 80 or 115 cm.

Bulb not included


Lampshade finishing:

White methacrylate

Black methacrylate

Glittered silver methacrylate


Diameter 80 x h 40 cm

Diameter 115 x h 50 cm

Price starting at € 932,00 € 1.036,00