Regal Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Regal Cattelan Italia

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Design: Giorgio Cattelan
Several are the proposals of this important series of wall mirrors with the mirrored frame. Regal, as any other mirror, is a pleasure complement which furnishes greatly, thanks to its several forms and dimensions it is outstanding in the whole wall, it completes a corner, it makes beautiful the room, any kneading-through or console.
It is not to be put on the floor.
Frame finishing:
Mirrored glass
Frosted and mirrored glass

Fumé glass

80 x 3 x h 80 cm
120 x 3 x h 120 cm
120 x 3 x h 80 cm
160 x 3 x h 80 cm
200 x 3 x h 80 cm


Price starting at € 709,00 € 788,00