Rapallo Riva 1920

Rapallo Riva 1920

Rapallo Riva 1920

Design: Michele de Lucchi

Rapallo the fixed table. A high class piece of furniture, a unique piece of real furniture. Rapallo has the base carved from a single block of cedar finished by hand without adding any treatment; for this reason, should cracks occur or create changes, these are to be considered as settling effects to be attributed to purely natural situations and not to manufacturing defects. The solid wood top is available in square or round or rectangular shape, its finish is based on natural vegetable oil / wax with pine extracts. Rapallo, the great Made in Italy, Rapallo, the Riva 1920 table.

Base finishing:


Top finishing:

Maple oil

Volcano cedar oil planks not glued

Cherrywood oil

Walnut with knots - oil

Walnut oil

Elm wax

Oak with knots - oil

Mystic black oak with knots

White milk pigmented oak with knots

Ash grey pigmented oak with knots

Total black pigmented oak with knots

Vintage oak with knots

Oak oil

Whitened oak wax with knots

Volcano oak oil finish planks not glued


100 x 100 x h 75,5 cm

120 x 120 x h 75,5 cm

140 x 140 x h 75,5 cm

240 x 110 x h 75,5 cm

260 x 110 x h 75,5 cm

280 x 110 x h 75,5 cm

Ø 100 x h 75,5 cm

Ø 120 x h 75,5 cm

Ø 140 x h 75,5 cm


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