Kaiman Jakaré Edra

Kaiman Jakaré Edra

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Design: Fernando and Humberto Campana

Six enormous, independent pillows, that can be combined and slotted in, form this incredible sofa: it’s Kaiman Jaharé. The sofa is free of a rigid structure, its expanded polyurethane and feathers, enclosed in an anti-feather lining, then coated with exclusive crocodile-printed leathers designed to highlight the visual effect. This sofa, Kaiman Jakaré, seats quite a lot of people, with many possibilities of comfort: a formal seat, chaise-longue, backrest or seat from the ground or yet, sliding in between the elements. Kaiman Jakaré, the sofa among the ‘Historia Naturalis’, the special collection signed by Edra. Kaiman Jakaré the sofa to astonish.

The collection ‘Historia Naturalis’: Kaman Jakaré sofa - Aster Papposus sofa

Cover finishing:

Crocodile printed leather


±350/700 x ±260/500 cm

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