Theduck Bonaldo

Theduck Bonaldo

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Theduck is a surreal and functional coffee table, an ironic and fun metaphor of an unusual pet. "The idea of a faithful duck sitting beside the sofa, with a coffee table on its head, ready to hold remote controls, smartphones, books and magazines, was so absurd and unlikely to me that I was immediately captured by it", the fun comment of designer Alessandro Busana. Thanks to the different colour options, the illuminated version and its eccentric nature, Theduck can be both amazing and functional anywhere in the home, from the living room to the bathroom, the bedroom and even the garden.

Structure finishing:

Mat polyethylene

Glossy lacquered polyethlene


​43 x 34 x h 43 cm Theduck

​43 x 34 x h 43 cm Theduck Light with Led light

Price starting at € 161,00 € 173,00