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Quid Poliform - outlet
Poliform S.p.a.

Quid Poliform - outlet

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R&D Poliform (2016)

Quid is a versatile modular system which allows the configuration of furnishing solutions for the various rooms throughout the home, from the living room to the home-office and even the bedroom. This collection stands out for its superior level of styling originality, sophisticated details and attractive finishes, interpreting the functional requirements of contemporary homes with personality and style.


Structure finishing: 

Glacier White 82 – Brown nickel – Visone 48 – Leather F col 26 - Reflecting glass 5059




270 x 50 x 36,3 cm

120 x 60 x 32 cm

180 x 30,6 x 30 cm


From expo.

Immediate delivery.

Price starting at € 6.374,00 € 8.278,00