Broncio Infiniti

Broncio Infiniti

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Design: Filippo Mambretti

Cute, simple and useful, it's a complement, or rather a family of elements with a unique originality. Each element is a surprise, the design of 'Broncio' is the result of an inspiration turned into beauty.

Suitable to every situation: elegant at night, available and spontaneous for kids, practical and functional for anyone; indoors, outdoors, at sea or on a mountaintop... everywhere! And guess what's inside - everything! You could even fit everything you need for a Sunday fishing trip.

Structure finishing:

White/ White

White/ Yellow

White/ Grey

White/ Green

Neutral/ neutral for the version with lighting


Diameter 46,3 x h 49,8 Broncio stool high version

Diameter 46,3 x h 77,8 cm Broncio stool low version

Diameter 75 x h 101,8 cm Broncio table

Price starting at € 155,00 € 194,00