Klirr Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Klirr Cattelan Italia

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Design: Emanuele Zenere

It’s an original project, an original design that proposes a peculiar visual effect. When it comes to this modern and refined table, the choice of materials plays an important part, dominant and complementary at the same time: hardened glass and wood. Klirr is a fixed rectangular table with five different sizes.

Structure finishing:

Crystal  transparent
Crystal transparent extra clear

Crystal transparent extra clear with chamfered edges

Finitura trave centrale:

Canaletto Walnut

Frassino tinted oak burned
Frassino lacquered open-pore matte black


200 x 120 x h 75 cm embossed 

240 x 120 x h 75 cm

240 x 120 x h 75 cm embossed 

300 x 120 x h 75 cm

300 x 120 x h 75 cm embossed 

Price starting at € 3.881,00 € 4.312,00