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Nido LestroCasa Firenze
LestroCasa Firenze

Nido LestroCasa Firenze

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Design: Lestrocasa Firenze

The peculiarity of the small table Nido, is the interlace of its steel structure worked by hand. Nido is the complement of furnishing signed Lestrocasa Firenze. Nido is an elegant and modern small table with a plan in crystal. 

Table top with thickness 15  mm


Base finishing:

Polished stainless steel

Satin steel

Top finishes:

Tempered glass 

Crystal  extralight

Satin crystal

Crystal painted 


90 x 90 x h 35 cm

100 x 100 x h 35 cm

120 x 120 x h 35 cm

Price starting at € 717,00 € 1.025,00