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Bourgeois Baxter

Bourgeois Baxter

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Design: Matteo Thun e Antonio Rodriguez

The desk is an important and serious complement of furnishings and as such "Bourgeois" is no less. It has a pleasant design with linen and classic and timeless style, one size and is equipped with six drawers; "Bourgeois" has the signature of Baxter, the synonym of true exclusivity, and this unmistakable exclusivity is present in "Bourgeois".

The wood is alive material and as such it can have with the passing of time small changes in color and dimension.

The wood, in phase of maturing, moves also according to the different environmental conditions and humidity present in the air. For the first months the objects left on the plans must be periodically moved because the wood, refined with natural substances, is sensitive to light and oxidises, creating differences in colour between the exposed and covered parts.

Basement finishing

Metal painted matt black

Structure finishing:

Veneresd wood walnut canaletto

Internal finish drawers:

Solid Canaletto Walnut stained dark

Handles finishing:

Sheet metal covered in leather

Top finish and outer frame:



200 x 90 x h 72 cm


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