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Table - Au Baxter

Table - Au Baxter

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Design: Draga and Aurel

To surprise with semplicity is possible with the coffee table "Table-Au". The plan is in resin and the structure in metal has thin and light lines, its design is modern and young. "Table-Au" is a very elegant complement, a bit in counter-trend. The coffee table "Table-Au" is fantasy, is taste, is peculiarity: "Table-Au" by Baxter.

Handmade plans as "framework"; every piece will be therefore different and unique.

Structure finish:

Brushed metal

Top finish:

Coated with resin wood


40 x 40 x h 50 cm

50 x 50 x h 45 cm

60 x 60 x h 40 cm

100 x 100 x h 20 cm

130 x 130 x h 30 cm

218 x 100 x h 30 cm

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