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Panama Bold Baxter

Panama Bold Baxter

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Design: Paola Navone

Great creavitity and fantasy; Paola Navone for the sofa "Panama" has dared and the Baxter team has realized with a surprising result. "Panama" is a sofa at modules, the covering is a drapery of wonderful leather. "Panama" the sofa, "Panama" the exclusive one, "Panama" only by Baxter.

Feet adjustable in height

Pillows backrest and armrest with counterbalance for the equilibrium which allow the use as armrest and as backrest in different positions.

In version:

Panama with draped covering

Panama Bold with stiff covering, in leather with well visible seams

Covering finish:



130 x 130 x h 40 cm

162 x 130 x h 40 cm

162 x 162 x h 40 cm

220 x 130 x h 40 cm

50 x 26 x h 26 cm Armrest/ backrest cushion

100 x 26 x h 26 cm Armrest/ backrest cushion

150 x 26 x h 26 cm Armrest/ backrest cushion

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