Easy Bench Riva 1920

Easy Bench Riva 1920

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Bench with seat and back in hardwood with glued slats. Square edges with "iron dust" charcoal grey iron base. Sled T-section leg. Available completely in hardwood or with leather padding.Finish: base of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.

Base finishing :

Anthracite gray "irondust"

Structure finishing:

Walnut oil

Walnut with knots - oil

Oak oil

Oak with knots - oil

Whitened oak with knots wax

Ash grey pigmented oak with knots

White milk pigmented oak with knots

Cherrywood oil

Maple oil

Elm wax

Structure finishing:

Leather Cristal

Leather Camoscio

Leather Utah


200 x 51,7 x h 45,5 / 89,2 cm Easy Bench

220 x 51,7 x h 45,5 /89,2 cm Easy Bench

240 x 51,7 x h 45,5 / 89,2 cm Easy Bench

260 x 51,7 x 45,5 / 89,2 cm  Easy Bench

200 x 51,7 x h 48,3 / 89,2 cm Easy Bench Leather

Price starting at € 2.110,00 € 2.891,00