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Maciste Table Miniforms

Maciste Table Miniforms

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Design: Zaven

Maciste is the name of a mythological man of extraordinary strength and goodness, known for his athleticism, is also the name of our new round tables collection. A sinuous and imposing table, solid and muscled, forzuto and strong, whose top, fixed or extensible, can be raised at your leisure thanking an hydraulic piston, turning the coffee table into a table or the table to a snacks situation.


Base and legs finishes:


Pink coral


Silk gray

Dust gray


Top finishes:

White laquered

Pink coral laquered

Blue laquered

Silk gray laquered

Dust gray laquered

Black laquered

Walnut canaletto

Flamed Oak

Oak heat-trated


Ø 60 x h 75 cm

Ø 60 x h 45-75 cm

Ø 60 x h 75-105 cm

Ø 80 x h 75 cm

Ø 80 x h 45-75 cm

Ø 80 x h 75-105 cm

Ø 100 x h 75 cm

Ø 100 x h 45-75 cm

Ø 100 x h 75-105 cm

Ø 120 x h 75 cm

Ø 120 x 80/120 x h 45-75 cm

Ø 108 x 70/108 x h 75-105 cm

Price starting at € 691,00 € 795,00