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Paris Slim Baxter

Paris Slim Baxter

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Design: Paola Navone

Young design with a bit of oestrus and much beauty: this is "Paris Slim" the bed thought by Paola Navone for Baxter. "Paris Slim" is splendid and interesting for its sizes: from a big single up to an interesting size for the double size. No words for its covering: lets watch it and touch it, nothing more!

Paris Slim by Baxter.

Finishing footsies:

Beech walnut

Covering finish:



118 x 243 x h 92 cm (mattress size 90 x 200)

148 x 243 x h 92 cm (mattress size 120 x 200)

188 x 243 x h 92 cm (mattress size 160 x 200)

208 x 243 x h 92 cm (mattress size 180 x 200)

228 x 243 x h 92 cm (mattress size 200 x 200)

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