Rimini Baxter

Rimini Baxter

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Design: Paola Navone

Yesterday a deckchair on the beach, today the deckchair is Rimini, your deckchair, ideal in the garden, on the terrace, in the swimming pool. "Rimini" the deckchair signed by Baxter is proposed in this way: classic design, same way to regulate the position, steel structure, sitting in full grain leather treated in order to be able to be exposed to sunlight and rain water, the head restraint, the pouf and the result is extremely elegant. The outdoor complement that makes the difference, "Rimini", a great Made in Italy guaranteed by Baxter.

Structure finish:

Copper etched

Covering finish:

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80 x 81 x h 64 cm Chaise longue

100/113 x 98 x h 72/97 cm Deckchair

90 x 60 x h 38 cm pouf

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