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Xom Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Xom Cattelan Italia

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Design: Paolo Cattelan

Bistrot small table characterized by semplicity, elegance, tradition and modernity. Available with surface in ceramic or transparent crystal and structure in varnished embossed steel or varnished embossed steel with column inserts in shiny stainless stell and base in satin stainless steel.

Structure finishing:

Steel embossed painted white

Steel painted embossed black

Steel embossed painted graphite

Embossed white painted steel and special stainless

Steel painted black embossed and special stainless

Steel embossed painted graphite and special stainless

Plan finishing:

Crystal transparent

Ceramic Marble Calacatta

Ceramic Marble Alabaster

Slate Ceramic Marble


60 x 60 x h 110 cm

60 x 60 x h 75 cm

80 x 80 x h 75 cm

Price starting at € 670,00 € 745,00