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New Baroque Veblén

New Baroque Veblén

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New Baroque

Design: Marzia e Leonardo Dainelli

Shaped wall mirror consisting of a 6mm fused glass frame back-silvered with relief decorations. Available with smoked or bronze finishes. 5 mm flat mirror available with neutral, smoked or bronze finishes. Rear frame made of painted metal. It can be hung horizontally or vertically

Those who choose the collection Veblen, takes fragments of timeless traditions and knowledge.


Finitura cornice:

Silver-backed glass

Smoked glass

Bronze glass

Finitura specchio:

Neutral glass

Smoked glass

Bronze glass


86 x 5 x h 180 cm Contoured Mirror

Ø 150 x 5 cm Round Mirror

110 x 5 x h 220 cm rectangular mirror

Price starting at € 2.592,00 € 3.050,00