Brico Light Riva 1920

Brico Light Riva 1920

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Gian Giacomo Borin is a young up-and-coming designer, who won this year’s special Business for Art prize, offered by Riva 1920 for Arte Laguna competition.

This year’s competition required a design object using the oak wood typical of the marker pots of the Venice lagoon.

The company decided to award the prize to Borin, who designed a lamp made entirely of this wood and iron, which could be suspended or table-based.

Elegance and minimalism, the old and the new, re-cycled materials and great practicality are combined to creare an unusual type of lamp. The typical oak posts of the Venice lagoon, known locally as “Briccole”, are being substituted for reasons of wear and tear and  are here employed  for a new purpose and with new uses, in this case to give light to our surroundings. 

Structure finishing:

Aluminum gray

Iron Corten + matt transparent lacquering

Sphere finishing:



ø 26 x h 68 cm

Price starting at € 551,00 € 756,00