Random Riva 1920

Random Riva 1920

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A table characterized by a design that is minimalist and essential, is inspired by the jewels of Italy’s great cabinet making tradition, giving prominence to form and material, worked with impeccable skill. The counter-position of the opposing leaning supports in natural iron give the structure great solidity while the top seems to hang in space, almost floating. The perfect design, the dominance of rationality, a synthesis of harmony and balance. “Random” is made of solid wood (top of 4 cm. thick), using the most advanced technology.


Structure finish:

Iron natural color

Top finishing:

Painted matt iron

Top finishing:


Walnut with knots - oil


Oak with knots - oil

Whitened oak  wax

Vintage oak with knots

Ash grey pigmented oak with knots

White milk pigmented oak with knots

Volcano oak oil finish

Volcano cedar oil 

Cherrywood oil

Maple oil

Elm wax


220 x100 x h 73 cm

240 x 100 x h 73 cm

260 x 100 x h 73 cm

280 x 100 x h 73 cm

300 x 100 x h 73 cm

Price starting at € 2.716,00 € 3.721,00 (-27%)