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Bora-Bora Riva 1920

Bora-Bora Riva 1920

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This armchair is made out of a single block of solid scented cedar wood that is turned on a lathe to carve out the design.
The blocks are usually chosen with a 73 cm-wide diameter or larger. It is hand-finished. Typical feature of any items made of solid cedar wood is the possible outflow, especially at the bottom end, of resin, which is naturally found in wood. It is advised not to place any products made of cedar wood on carpets or soft surfaces that would not allow adequate ventilation at the bottom, especially throughout the first few months following purchase.
It is further advised to periodically move around the items and to keep them in dry and well ventilated environments. 

Structure finishing:



 73.5 x  x 73.5 x h 84 cm

Price starting at € 3.125,00 € 4.282,00