Cattelan Italia

Roger Cattelan Italia

Roger Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Roger Cattelan Italia

Design: Paolo Cattelan

Small table with a strong personality: Roger by Cattelan Italia. Its basic structure is painted transparent steel, thin, square, light, sculptural. The top is thin round and shaped for aesthetic even more elegant. Is perfect in household and public environments.

Transparent painted steel identifies a transparent coating of ferrous raw material. The presence of spots more or less evident, color changes, scratches and irregular edges is characteristic of the particular working of the material and is not to be considered defects.

Structure finishing:

Trasparent lacquered steel

White embossed lacquered steel

Graphite embossed lacquered steel

Top finishing:

Walnut Canaletto

Burned oak

Trasparent  glass


Ø 80 x h 74/75 cm

Ø 100 x h 74/75 cm

Ø 120 x h 74 cm

Price starting at € 801,00 € 954,00