Mr. Lem Myyour

Mr. Lem Myyour

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Design: Moredesign

We have tried to join in & outdoors by abandoning the classic shapes of pouf, using a “small space ship” and the first landing on the Moon as a source of inspiration. Decisive lines and a simple shape, without losing sight of the more practical aspects tied to transport and placement, which enable putting two pouf in the space of one, thanks to symmetry. A product with identifiable features that easily remain fixed in one’s memory. Truly amazing shapes come to life when a design encounters functionality: Lem, inspired by the shape of the first spaceship that ventured to the Moon, is a very peculiar stool/ small table. If turned upside down, it turns into a comfortable table and when stacked, it becomes an extremely decorative and colorful totem. It is a winning solution. It can adapt itself to any occasion. It can be placed both indoors or outdoors because it is a powerful symbol of beauty and easy to use. It can be made in all of the different color ranges that are available for the glossy paint or embossed print versions. Lem modernizes the standard concept of disposable furniture: it is a stool/small table and a decorative element thanks to the fact that it is so easy to stack. It can be a real table and the table top is made with four different materials: tempered glass with support brackets in methacrylate, HPL all white or in three layers of white - black and ABS PMMA printed with a glossy white color and brackets on the breadth.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered

Top finishing:

Trasparent glass

Solid Core HPL white

Solid Core HPL black


50.4 x 51.5 x h 44.9 cm Mr. Lem

ø 70 x h 1.2 cm Mr. Lem top

Price starting at € 114,00 € 135,00