Menhhir Sound Wifi - Essenze di luce
Essenze di Luce

Menhhir Sound Wifi - Essenze di luce

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Combined system of lighting and sound

Menhir Sound Wifi: a last generation product that integrates the lighting system in a block of stone, hiding an innovative equipment of acoustic diffusion. Thanks to the combined properties of light and sound, these products make indeed the indoor or outdoor furnishing a multifunctional environment giving unique suggestions. Think, for example, to some application solutions, as green business areas, gardens, pools edges, boutiques, etc.,
In order to understand its various uses: an authentic way to promote a new dimension of the environment perception. Nature and technology come together and, harmoniously, they take shape in real auditory “works”. The stones become “live”, they “speak” their own language and emanate a soul made of light and sound. As a result in Menhir Sound Wifi, beauty of nature and it technological function come togheter in a marriage of elegance and sensorial sense to live and turn your environment in a really and highly emotional surrounding.


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