Essenze di Luce

Menhir di luce - Essenze di Luce

Menhir di luce - Essenze di Luce
Essenze di Luce

Menhir di luce - Essenze di Luce

A new consideration on the most common material in nature, stone.

An even more natural body, even easier, as only a block of stone can be. Clean and decisive cuts allow the light to escape free, as if it had been imprisoned for centuries. The result? An original outdoor design element by day and an emotional luminaire by night. Each Menhir di Luce is a unique and unrepeatable. The  stones are cut, drilled and washed to conclude with the insertion of the luminous component. Essenze di Luce makes available four models which differ for different cutting light. This product is the union between the imperfection of the stone and bright technologicallinearity.The merger of these two elements creates an object of bright design completely new and innovative.

The Light Menhir is a unique and unrepeatable fact in nature for there are no stones equal

among them. Once chosen in the quarry, the stones are cut, drilled and washed and finally the

luminous component are inserted.

Essenze di Luce makes four models which differ for the various light cutting features, it follows

that greater the number of cuts greater the size of the stone.

The available models are:

SOFT: single horizontal cut

SIDELONG: single tilted cut (angled from 30° to 45° compared to the horizontal)

CROSS: double tilted cut

STONEHENGE: triple horizontal cut


Approximate size:

20 x 35 x h 35 cm SOFT

30 x 35 x h 35 cm SIDELONG

30 x 25 x h 60 cm CROSS

45 x 30 x 35 cm STONEHENGE


Please notice that every item is unique and exclusive so each article of the same line presents some differences.

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