Tao Mayyour

Tao Mayyour

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Design: Rosaria Copeta

The garden, a world of poetry and emotion in which nature and our deepest thoughts come together. The Tao vases allow you to harmoniously decorate your garden without having to create set patterns. They are inspired by the rhythms of the ying and the yang. Tao is symbolic of fluidity and of an infinite amount of colors and shapes. It is a system where the volumes of opposing elements harmoniously come together to create magical compositions without geometric shapes as to embellish corner and spaces in the most graceful way. They can be composed in groups of two or three elements. The Tao vases are available in the embossed print or with a glossy paint for which there are at least ten different colors to choose from. The base is designed to hold a supply of water. It has watertight plugs for internal use that can easily be removed if the vase has to be moved outside.

Structure finishing:

Embossed moulded

Glossy lacquered



43.6 x 105 x h 90 cm Tao Large

37.8 x 59 x h 60 cm Tao Medium

37.5 x 64.4 x h 36 cm Tao Small

Price starting at € 108,00 € 128,00 (-16%)