Ziggy Saba

Ziggy Saba

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Design: Emilio Nanni

Iron, wood, rope – simple materials which reinvent commonly used objects. A collection of poufs and coffee tables made of iron rods and woven cables in paste-dyed HT polyester, mixed together like the paints on an artist’s palette. The reference to David Bowie’s iconic Ziggy Stardust is no accident and relates to the irony in the idea of revolutionising the type of accessory furniture in the area for relaxing. The barrel and hourglass silhouettes come together to make up islands which expand: interweaving and volumes are enhanced in the coordination of the mixed colours of the cord, pointing to a new idea of furnishing accessory with endless possibilities of personalising the space. The two-tone plaited rope is an exclusive Saba combination.

Structure finishing:

Grey lacquered polished metal

Green lacquered polished metal

Red lacquered polished metal

Light blue lacquered polished metal

Top finishing:

Grey lacquered polished wood

Green lacquered polished wood

 Red lacquered polished wood

Light blue lacquered polished wood

Weaving finishing:

Military green polyester

Bordeaux polyester

Grey polyester

Blue navy polyester


ø 44 x h 40 cm 

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