Bonsai Myyour

Bonsai Myyour

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Design: Moredesign

A fresh and innovative idea. Bonsai combines its decorative function with the utility of a light source that is as efficient as its being unusual and charming. It is like a small tree with a soft and absolutely original design. It is made for indoor spaces, but also for outdoor spaces thanks to the wireless version. It has proven itself to be a light source for special occasions such as a garden party or even for a restaurant on the beach. Bonsai, made from embossed and printed polyethylene, has a fully illuminated surface thanks to a LED that follows all of its branches. Myyour offers three different types of kits from which to choose: indoor with a normal cable, outdoor with a neoprene cable that has IP 44 protection against atmospheric conditions and outdoor with a portable battery system that last for a long time and that ensures at least 500 charges. Each charge guarantees approximately twenty hours of light. The charging method of model RGB is induction lithium electricity (induction battery charger and remote control are included).

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed


42 x 30 x h 35 cm

Price starting at € 85,00 € 101,00