Touch Riva 1920

Touch Riva 1920

Touch Riva 1920

The products designed for “Le Briccole di Venezia” are inspired by the urge to conjoin materials that are cold and of a technical character like steel with materials evoking a warm tactility like the wooden boards made from the “briccole”. The brushed steel structure with its Allen screws showing creates a sort of frame, a housing for the natural element, the wooden table top made from irregularly shaped boards and the chair seats made with the hollow facing upwards.


Revisiting version of Touch table designed for the Venetian “Briccole project, now available in other collection’s types of wood and with a less gaudy base compared with the previous one.

In order to convey movement and naturalness to the table, the shorter sides are kept in the original shape of the board. RAL colors available on request


Structure finishing:

Grey anthracite matt lacquered

Top finishing:


Walnut with knots - oil


Oak with knots - oil

Whitened oak  wax

Vintage oak with knots

Ash grey pigmented oak with knots

White milk pigmented oak with knots

Volcano oak oil finish

Volcano cedar oil 

Cherrywood oil

Maple oil

Elm wax


200 x 100 x h 76 cm

220 x 100 x h 76 cm

240 x 100 x h 76 cm

260 x 100 x h 76 cm

280 x 100 x h 76 cm


Price starting at € 3.393,00 € 4.648,00