Baby Love Myyour

Baby Love Myyour

Baby Love Myyour

Design: Myyour & Ideabrill

A decorating lamp inside and outside, a fascinating light point with a rose profile, Baby Love is available in six version: floor lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, waterproof and garden. The ideal lamp to create party atmospheres. Baby Love Waterproof freely swims on the swimming pool surfaces or inside fountains, thanks to its IP64 protection and the glazed 316 stainless steel base unit, preventing its tilting. The unit battery lasts for 8 hours and it can be inductive recharged, that is whit no electric contact between the charging station and the battery, for the best safety and easiness in term of use. Thanks to its remote control, it is possible to control from a certain distance more lamps at a time, for surprising choreographic effects. Practical, handy and evocative, Baby Love Waterproof is perfectly at ease not only in water, but for any creative and immediate external installation. Baby Love Outdoor is the most easy version of its lively sister. Strongly fitted to the floor through a post, it is perfectly to marvelously decorate the garden through a simple and stable installation as well.

Light bulbs not included (light bulb max 32 watt energy saver).

Do not use at salt water.

Induction battery charger and remote controller are included.

Bulbs are not comprehended (granted max 32 watt).

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed



42 x 42 x h 155 cm Baby Love floor

42 x 42 x h 175 cm Baby Love floor

42 x 42 x h 32.6 cm Baby Love for table

42 x 42 x h 65/200 cm Baby Love suspension

42 x 42 x h 32 cm Baby Love for wall/ceiling

41 x 41 x h 35 cm Baby Love waterproof

41 x 41 x h 70 cm Baby Love garden

41 x 41 x h 182 cm Baby Love garden

Price starting at € 158,00 € 187,00