Pandora Myyour

Pandora Myyour

Pandora Myyour

Design: Federico Traverso

It’s nature inspiring the shapes of Pandora, that live in the echoes of their minimal texture. Ethereal entities that make of the light an added value, building up an outfit out of time, playing to conceal the material composing them. The project makes of the versatility its overriding characteristic: Pandora can be used as floor lamps both in external and internal spaces, such as hanging lamps or floor lamps. Hundreds of cromatic combinations composing also a set of informal chairs and tables. Ornamental lamp with a minimal texture, available in different colors has been conceived as a seat, as standing lamp in various heights , as floor lamp or suspension lamp.The Pandoras are for each version of three 3 different sizes: small 31x55 cm, medium 44x44 cm and large 40,5x70cm. For suspension and floor version, respectively change the distance from the ceiling (50-200 cm for the Small , 64-200 cm for the Medium and 90-200 cm for the Large) and the height from the floor (131 cm for the Small, 67 cm for Medium and 203 cm for the Large). It can be supplied as indoor or outdoor version depending on the needs and in all the finishing actually available in the Myyour collection: embossed, glossy and mysofty only for indoor use. In the lighted version, light is produced with energy-saving lamp up to 32 W (not included), with controllable RGB bulb with remote control or with 3,5 W rechargeable RGB LED. In the latter, the maximum battery life is 8 hours and recharging is done by induction with no electrical contact between the loading station and the battery, for maximum safety and ease of use. With the remote you can remotely control even more lamps simultaneously. In the indoor floor version, Pandora can be equipped with an optional elegant base in olive ash, which enhances even more its timeless design. In the outdoor floor version it is supplied with the ground fixing base. Last but not least, with Pandora you can compose informal set of chairs and tables with hundreds of possible color combinations.

Structure finishing:


Olive ash wood


ø 55 x h 131 cm Pandora S floor

ø 55 x h 31 cm Pandora S floor

ø 55 x h 50/200 cm Pandora S hanging

ø 44 x h 167 cm Pandora M floor

ø 44 x h 44 cm Pandora M floor

ø 44 x h 64/200 cm Pandora M hanging

ø 40 x h 203 cm Pandora L floor

ø 40 x h 70 cm Pandora L floor

ø 40 x h 90/200 cm Pandora L hanging

ø 23.5 x h 3.5 Pandora base

Price starting at € 117,00 € 138,00