Skull Myyour

Skull Myyour

Skull Myyour

Design: Moredesign

Ok, it's always him: Jolly Roger, the Voodoo & Kali friend, the tribal fetish, the dark companion. Here, however, it comes with style, in its most ironically goth role. With party-loving accents, as well, but always declined, as befits to the character, in a very cool tone. It accepts cheerfully to change clothing, skin, colour, to become a stool, a table and even to find himself hanged (but, you know, he has always turned out well). Fashion and trend symbol, irreverently dark, Skull lends itself to various design solutions. It is a comfortable and eclectic stool, but it is also a table that characterizes uniquely the environment, with the superposition of a top of transparent glass. Finishing can be GS, LV, MySofty (A unique technology that creates a special rubber surface and a smooth finish). Lighting can be battery with induction charging and degree of protection IP44 (or with electric cable E27 energy save), for external; or IP20 with transparent cable, for indoor use. Finally, a particular version is the suspended lamp for outdoor use, always IP44 with E27, to brightly illuminate Goth party.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered


Top finishing:

Extrawhite frosten glass


Solid Core HPL white

Solid Core HPL black


ø 32/40 x h 45 cm Skull base

ø 32/40 x h 45 cm Skull base with RGB light

ø 70 x h 1.2 cm Skull top

Price starting at € 157,00 € 185,00