Skin Myyour

Skin Myyour

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Design: en&is Studio

Skin it’s a pot family with linear shapes and its’ charm is blind behind it’s texture that explode the desire to touch them. Its exclusive finishing take inspiration from the observation of particulars of which lives the natural environment that reveal details and geometries apparently invisible but not without importance: everything has its skin. Skin is the pot family that complements the Myyour pot collection: this is available in dozens of colors in embossed version , in mysofty and glossy, supplied with ground mounting plate. The sizes available are two: S of 55 cm diameter by 60 cm height and L of 60 cm diameter by 120 cm height. In both cases, the hole for the plant insertion is always of 32x32x23,5H cm. Now also Myyour pot collection shine with its own light thanks to the 3,5 W induction rechargeable RGB lighting or energy-saving lamp up to 32 W (not included). For the RGB battery version, the maximum battery life is 8 hours and recharging is done by induction, with no electrical contact between the loading station and the battery, for maximum safety and ease of use. Thanks to the remote control is also possible to remotely control multiple pots simultaneously. For those who love the trick of lights and is unable to move the pot to recharge , Myyour provides remotely controllable RGB bulb.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered



ø23.5/55 x h 60 cm Skin S

ø23.5/60 x h 120 cm Skin L

Price starting at € 226,00 € 267,00