Everyday Myyour

Everyday Myyour

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Design: Federico Traverso

The master Bruno Munari claimed that in the world, there are more chairs than asses. Why then draw another chair? There are already many good chairs, some bad, some comfortable, others a little bit less. So, imagining an object that would run from any style telling a little story, snatching a smile, I thought, how curious is that without distinction of creed or descent, each of us every day sit down with satisfaction on a white ceramic chair... It’s in this chair we can forget the daily grind conceding us the pleasure of some frivolous reading or a reflection left in half. Everyday is a manifesto: an invitation to sit down taking our time, every day! Here is the irreverence of Myyour: the missing seat in overdo market chair. Two available versions: the colored version with many shades available in either embossed, glossy and mysofty for indoor and the lighted version. In the latter case, you have the version with E27 indoor socket for energy-saviging bulb to a maximum of 32 W (Not included) or RGB bulb, and cable rechargeable RGB LED. The remote control supplied to both RGB versions, allows remote control of multiple seats at the same time.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered



40 x 80 x 46/80 cm 

Price starting at € 269,00 € 317,00