Cattelan Italia

Laser Cattelan Italia

Laser Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Laser Cattelan Italia

Design: Paolo Cattelan (2014)

Laser of Cattelan Italia is a small table, presenting a modern and light design. The base is made in steel with a cristal extra-clear white or black acid plane or walnut plane Canalettto. It features by its particular leg, giving a pleasant irregularity to the strict lines of the small table. Laser has un informal look, but refined, making it fitted to modern and dynamic rooms.

Structure finishing:

Steel white embossed lacquered

Steel black embossed lacquered

Top finishing:

Walnut Canaletto

Extra-white frosted glass white lacqued

Extra-white frosted glass black lacqued


54 x 40 x h 55 cm

54 x 40 x h 50 cm


Price starting at € 409,00 € 487,00