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Pad Talenti

Pad Talenti

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Design: Roberto Serio

Original and eye-catching lines characterize every single product, suitable for a customer who likes luxury and elegance of design.
The Icon aluminium collectin includes exclusive items in aluminuim frame, such as sofas, armchair, sunbed and chaise-lounges, which have a high resistance to the wear and tear of time. They are perfect to create unforgettable moments of relaxation and wellness.

All items are characterized by an aluminium frame which is painted in white colour. Dry foam padding. The composition can be exclusively sold as full set including: 1 sofa, 2 armchairs, 1 coffee table.
Tempered glass. Fabric cushioning with weather resistant and removable cover for easy wash.

Option the PVC sheet for the outer cover

Structure finishing:

White aluminium

Seat finishing:

Sand fabric

White Sky fabric

Grey fabric

Pillows finishing:

Sable and white fabric for the version with seat sand

White sky and tobacco fabric for the version with seat in White sky 

Sumbrella gray fabric, fabric cream and ancient heavenly fabric for the version with grey Sumbrella seat 

Top finishing:

Frosted white matt tempered glass


216 x 86 x h 78 cm sofa

102 x 86 x h 78 cm armchair

120 x 80 x h 32 cm coffee table

Price starting at € 514,00 € 705,00