Kime Bonaldo

Kime Bonaldo

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Design: Bartoli Design

An innovative family of extending tables with a painted aluminium frame, painted metal legs and a table top in glass or laminated Doluflex®. Thanks to a simple lateral sliding movement of the legs or of one or two laminated Doluflex® extensions, the length of the table top can be increased easily, while retaining the ultimate stability.

Advised the chair: Pangea e Sicla

Legs finish:

Painted mat white

Painted mat anthracite grey

Top and extensions finish:

Extra-light glass painted white / Doluflex® white laminated

Acid-treated black glass / Doluflex® anthracite grey laminated

Extra-light glass acid-treated white / Doluflex® white laminated

Top and extensions finish Doluflex®:

Laminated white

Laminated anthracite grey


125/170 x 80 x h 75 cm

140/175/210 x 90 x h 75 cm

165/210/255 x 90 x h 75 cm

180/225/270 x 90 x h 75 cm


Price starting at € 1.520,00 € 1.634,00