Izac Bontempi

Izac Bontempi

Izac Bontempi

Design: Silvia & Maurizio Varsi

Izac by Bontempi is an extensible table and can meet different tastes and styles thanks to its large

range of finishing of the top. The smallest is 122 cm long and the biggest with its two extensions can

reach up to 292 cm and accepts 12 persons. it'll surprise you for its easy arrangement in any

furnishings contest.

Advised the chair: Kida e Eva

Structure finishing:

Aluminium lacquered steel

White lacquered steel

Sand lacquered steel

Dark brown lacquered steel

Anthracite lacquered steel

Top finishing:

Melamine finishing: (extension in matching the top)

White melamine

Anthracite melamine

Sand melamine


Glass finishing:

Gloss extra white glass (extension white melamine)

Gloss dove gray lacquered glass (extension sand melamine)

Gloss dark brown lacquered glass (extension anthracite melamine)

Gloss anthracite lacquered glass (extension anthracite melamine)


Velvet anti-scratch glass finishing:

Matt velvet anti-scratch white lacquered glass (extension white melamine)

Matt velvet anti-scratch dove grey lacquered glass (extension sand melamine)

Matt velvet anti-scratch dark brown lacquered glass (extension anthracite melamine)

Matt velvet anti-scratch anthracite lacquered glass (extension anthracite melamine)


Unicolor scratch-resistant finishing: (extension in matching the top)

Scratch-resistant white unicolor

Scratch-resistant brown stone unicolor

Scratch-resistant nanto's stone unicolor

Scratch-resistant porphyry unicolor

Scratch-resistant lava stone unicolor

Scratch-resistant Botticino unicolor


122 /172 x 80 x h 75 cm Izac

142 /182 / 222 x 90 x h 75 cm Izac ( 2 extension)

162 / 212 /262 x 90 x h 75 cm Izac (2 extension)

192 / 242 / 292 x 90 x h 75 cm Izac (2 extension

192 / 242 / 292 x 102 x h 75 cm Izac (2 extension)

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Izac Bontempi
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