Bourgeois Baxter

Bourgeois Baxter

Bourgeois Baxter

Design: Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

It is precious and elegant, its silhouette is slight: it is the "Bourgeois" table of the collection Baxter. Proposed as fix table with central column. "Bourgeois", thought and designed by two artists of worldwide reputation and Baxter is its guarantee.

In version rectangular table, oval table, round table

The wood is alive material and as such it can have with the passing of time small changes in color and dimension.

For the first months the objects left on the plans must be periodically moved because the wood, refined with natural substances, is sensitive to light and oxidises, creating differences in colour between the exposed and covered parts.

Base finish:

Casting of ghisa  sandblasted

Top finish:

Canaletto Walnut

Dark anthracite gray stained ash


Ø160 x 74 cm

Ø180 x h 74 cm

250 x 130 x h 74 cm oval

300 x 110 x h 74 cm rectangular with rounded corners

300 x 140 x h 74 cm oval

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