Astor LestroCasa Firenze
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Astor LestroCasa Firenze

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A table with a strong presence, characterised by a base that reminds of a sculpture. The contrast between warm materials, such as wood, and cold ones, such as iron or steel create a peculiar union. The base is hand-made and it’s available in various colours, in order to adapt to different settings.

It matches well with upholstered chairs with simple lines.

Legs finishes:

Glossy painted iron

Matt painted iron
Raw iron
Brushed stainless steel
Top finishes:
Oak with solid edges
Solid oak

200 x 100 x h 75 cm

220 x 100 x h 75 cm

240 x 110 x h 75 cm

260 x 110 x h 75 cm

300 x 120 x h 75 cm

320 x 120 x h 75 cm



Price starting at € 1.956,00 € 2.795,00