Blues XOXO Bonaldo - Outlet

Blues XOXO Bonaldo - Outlet

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Design: Dondoli e Pocci

The Blues seat recalls architectural surfaces found in very current projects that can be defined as contemporary in their use of

materials, shapes and structures.

Innovative and dynamic, stackable chair with a drilled, polypropylene seat produced using gas-assisted, thermoplastic injection

moulding. Suitable for home and contract environments.

For the Salone del Mobile 2015, Blues is launched in the new Blues XO and Blues XOXO versions. In the “XO” version, the chair is

entirely upholstered; in Blues XOXO, only the seat and backrest are upholstered, while the polypropylene frame remains visible.

Blues stands out for its functionality and versatile style, since it can blend in with even the most singular settings. In fact Blues is

perfect for any space, whether private, from the kitchen to the living room, and even the home office, as well as public, with the most

diverse applications in the contract industry.

Finish mat polypropylene:


Upholstered finish:

Eco leather


45 x 54 x h 81 cm


Immediate delivery.

Price starting at € 168,00 € 234,00