Auckland Kauri Riva 1920 - outlet

Auckland Kauri Riva 1920 - outlet

Auckland Kauri Riva 1920 - outlet

About 50.000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, a series of unexplained cataclysms submerged whole forests of kauri in water and mud. The specific qualities of the mud and the absolute lack of oxygen exempted these plants, trapped in the swamps for 30-40-50 thousand years, from the chemical processes of decomposition and petrification , letting them linger intact to the present day.

What is unique is the fact that, in spite of being buried in mud for thousand years, the trunks are perfectly preserved and have the same quality as timber just cut down. Once (they have been) extracted, these plants are dated with the Carbon 14 method by the laboratories of the University of Auckland. Riva 1920 could extraordinarily interpret this marvellous material, which thanks to skilled hands, is trasformed into tables, real works of art made available by nature.

Base finishing:

Natural iron

Top finishing:

Kauri with resin




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