Gala Bonaldo

Gala Bonaldo

Gala Bonaldo

Studio Mazzer has designed two collections of bedroom storage units for Bonaldo. The Wai and Gala lines include drawer chests, bedside tables and a highboy with metal base and wooden frame with recessed handles. Both lines are characterized by a simple and stylish appearance and differ in the shape of the base. Gala was the name of Salvador Dalì's wife and muse, a woman with austere yet truly charming features, just like this collection; the base of Gala consists of four metal legs that are available in two heights. 

Structure finishing:

Canaletto walnut

Legs finishing:

Mat anthracite grey

Handles finishing:

Matt anthracite grey


60 x 52 x h 55 cm Bedtable with 1 drawer

60 x 52 x h 45 cm Bedtable with 1 drawer

60 x 52 x h 65 cm Bedtable with 2 drawers

60 x 52 x h 55 cm Bedtable with 2 drawers

120 x 52 x h 90 cm Chest

60 x 52 x h 135 cm Tallboy chest drawer


Price starting at € 992,00 € 1.067,00