Joe Bonaldo

Joe Bonaldo

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Design: Mauro Lapparini (2013)

Light weight, elegance, simple design. The base and headboard of the Joe bed make up a single line, in which a well-calibrated curve connects the horizontal element to the tapered top profile of the headboard. The essential and pure silhouette is the distinguishing trait of the Joe bed conveying a natural comfortable shape and function without surplus and ostentation in design (and over-design). It is available in two models: the Joe version, with a lower headboard (93 cm) and an ornamental border running along the entire perimeter, and the Joe ego version, which is quilted and has a higher headboard (120 cm). The frame is made of wood, with polyurethane padding and a fabric, leather or skay cover. The feet are made of metal painted in white, anthracite grey, dove-grey or matt amaranth. The decorative border is available in five different colours (grey, white, beige, anthracite grey and blue).

N.B. The price includes the bed base with slats.






Finishings embroidery (Joe):

Grey (standard)


Anthracite grey


N.B. Specify it in the last item NOTE of the order.

Finishings feet:

Mat anthracite gray painted metal

Mat dove grey painted metal

Mat white painted metal

Mat amaranth painted metal

Brass painted metal

Copper painted metal


178 x 238 x h 93 cm (mattress size 154x205)

184 x 233  x h 93 cm (mattress size 160x200)

204 x 233  x h 93 cm (mattress size 180x200)

218 x 238  x h 93 cm (mattress size 194x205)

178 x 238 x h 120 cm (mattress size 154x205) Joe Ego

184 x 233 x h 120 cm (mattress size 160x200) Joe Ego

204 x 233 x h 120 cm (mattress size 180x200) Joe Ego

218 x 238 x h 120 cm (mattress size 194x205) Joe Ego

Price starting at € 1.814,00 € 2.135,00 (-15%)