Blanket Bonaldo

Blanket Bonaldo

Blanket Bonaldo

Warmth, softness and a sense of protection are the feelings which inspired the Blanket bed designed by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo. The roles have been inverted and the blanket has been transformed from mere accessory to absolute protagonist. Indeed, a large, soft quilt makes up the base of this bed, supporting the mattress and, from the foot of the bed, it has been folded over thus forming the headrest. "The bed is an object we interact with for a long period and with the most of our body", explains designer Alessandro Busana. "Making it comfortable not only materially but also in terms of perception seemed to me an essential starting point. Hence the choice of a blanket, considering the symbol it represents in the collective imagination". The almost archetypal nature of this concept makes Blanket an iconographic bed immediately recognizable, one that is capable of playing the starring role and arousing emotions through a simple yet extraordinary rolled up blanket.


Bed surface included, mattress not included

Feet finishing:

Mat White

Mat anthracite grey

Mat dove grey

Covered finishing:



175x 260 x h 70 cm (mattress size 154x205)

180 x 255 x h 70 cm (mattress size 160x200)

200 x 255 x h 70 cm (mattress size 180x200)

215 x 260 x h 70 cm(mattress size 194x205)

Price starting at € 2.598,00 € 2.793,00