Modì Myyour

Modì Myyour

Modì Myyour

Design: Moredesign

Modì comes to be with the will to interpret space inside and outside the house. It features four modules: the seat, armrest/backrest, corner and glass top which turn into various configurations: a small armchair, a two-seater or more seater sofa, pouffes, corner sofas, small tables giving way to the buyer’s creativity and allowing him to adapt it to any area. How to improve a very successful project as Modi, for years on the crest of the wave? There was only one way: take it to zero degree. Where zero refers to the problems of use in any condition, even and especially in external. To achieve this goal have been spent two long years in research and testing, with the goal of creating a special material: UV-resistant, shock and abrasion resistant, flame retardant, with high memory and as icing on the cake, cheaper. Modi Zero is this all: a more versatile, functional and economic version of Modi, which greatly expands the range of use, especially outside.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered


Seat finishing:


Top finishing:



108.2 x 75 x h 44/69 cm Modi amrchair

192 x 75 x h 44/69 cm Modi sofa

83.6 x 62.7 x h 44 Modi pouf

83.6 x 62.7 x h 32.8 cm Modi table

Price starting at € 334,00 € 394,00