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Operà Poliform

Operà Poliform

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Design: Emmanuel Gallina (2014)

Authenticity is the keyword of this creation. This table is a refined piece which showcases the finesse of its handmade design combined with the most modern production technologies. The idea behind this table is to offer an easy-to-achieve extendible solution which maintains its elegance even when extended. This simplicity is achieved thanks to the use of discreet techniques, while highlighting traditional noble materials such as wood and marble in a contemporary

Structure finishings:

Canaletto walnut

Spessart oak

Ash oak

Top finish :

Canaletto walnut 

Spessart oak 

Ash oak

White Carrara marble honed 

Petit granit honed 

Polished Emperador 

Polished stardust grey

Calcatta gold honed 

Polished white Carrara 

Petit granit shiny 

Glossy Emperador

Glossy Stardust grey

Calcatta shiny gold

Glossy Saint Laurent

Sizes :

288 x 110 x h 74.5 cm

208/298 x 96.9 x h 74.5 cm

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