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New Edro Bontempi

New Edro Bontempi

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Design: Silvia & Maurizio Varsi

New Edro by Bontempi is peculiar for its legs, proper to reduce space and give to the table an exellent stability. Top and extensions are made by same material and colour. Simple and

smart, this extensible table is perfect in modern dining rooms and kitchens.

Advised the chair: Eva e Kefir

Structure finishing:

White lacquered aluminium

Sand lacquered aluminium 

Anthracite lacquered aluminium

Dark brown lacquered  aluminium
Matt black lacquered aluminium
Silver natural
Deep black
Brushed aluminum

Top finishing and extensions:


Mat white lacquered

Mat sand lacquered

Mat anthracite lacquered


Extra-white gloss (extensions in mat white lacquered wood)

Dove grey lacquered gloss (extensions in mat sand lacquered wood)

Anthracite lacquered gloss (extensions in mat anthracite lacquered wood)

Glossy black lacquered gloss (extensions in mat black lacquered wood)

Crystal Velvet anti-scratch:

Mat white (extensions in mat white lacquered wood)

Mat dove grey (extensions in mat sand lacquered wood)

Mat anthracite (extensions in mat anthracite lacquered wood)

Mat black (extensions in mat black lacquered wood)

White super ceramic (extensions in white super ceramic)

Sand super ceramic (extensions in sand super ceramic)

Anthracite super ceramic (extensions in anthracite super ceramic)


White Superceramica (extensions in matt white lacquer)
Superceramica sand (extensions in matt sand)
Superceramica anthracite (extensions in matt anthracite lacquer)
SuperMarble White Statuary (extensions SuperMarble Statuary White)
SuperMarble Grey Serena (Serena extensions SuperMarble Grey)
SuperCement Ice (Ice extensions SuperCement)
SuperCement Lead (extensions SuperCement Lead)
Natural oak veneer wood (extensions veneer Natural oak wood)
Veneered Spessart oak (extensions Wood Oak veneer spessart)
Elm wood veneer (extensions veneer Wood Olmo)
Walnut wood (extensions Walnut wood)


140/180/220 x 90 x h 75 cm

160/210/260 x 90 x h 75 cm

190/240/290 x 100 x h 75 cm

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New Edro Bontempi
Price starting at € 2.007,00 € 2.230,00