Ø 158 x h 74 cm

360 x 120 x h 74 cm oval top

360 x 120 x h 74 cm rectangular top

Cocò Veblén - Tables

Martinel Interior Furniture

Cocò Veblén

Cocò Veblén

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Design: Marzia e Leonardo Dainelli

The focus inevitably falls in the processing of the base of the table: smoked glass 12 mm elements, shaped and arranged radially. Its beauty can be seen not only from the front, but also, thanks to the transparent smoked glass, from above. The uniqueness of the collection Veblen can be seen in every details.


Base finish:

Smoked glass

Top finishing:

Smoked glass

Ash veneer black lacquered open pore


Ø 158 x h 74/76 cm

360 x 120 x h 74 cm

Price starting at € 4.845,00 € 5.700,00

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